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Cut and Paste the Human Mitochondrial DNA

January 30, 2008

The MitoWheel was updated on January 30, 2008.  New features:

  1. Beside positions, regions, gene names, general terms, or sequence motifs, now you can type into the search field mutations too. What happens is not very different from that when you are searching for a specific position: the wheel moves to the corresponding position. The change is in the info window. If your position is in a protein coding or a tRNA coding region, you will get an additional info on the functional change caused by the mutation. Mutations are accepted in the following forms: 12276A, G12276A, 12276G>A, or if you are a perfectionist m.12276G>A.
  2. The results of your queries can be now sent to the clipboard of your operating system. If a search returns a region (i.e. more than just one nucleotide position) a small sign appears in the upper right corner of the info window. If you click on this sign, the sequence will be saved in the clipboard. You can now easily paste it into any other program.

Tipp:  If you more or less found the region on the wheel that you were searching for, and want to make some fine navigation, try the following possibilities:

  1. Click on the left or right arrows quickly.
  2. Press briefly the left or right buttons on your keyboard.
  3. Click on a nucleotide in the sequence bar. This nucleotide will move to the center. 

Hello MitoWheel!

January 26, 2008

The developers of the MitoWheel are greeting you! This blog will be the main forum to provide users with the latest news on updates, new features, bug fixes. Please post here your suggestions and criticism. If you like the MitoWheel, you can also express your enthusiasm here.